(free DL) THE PLANTY HERBS whispers


robbert & bobby just did it again...

mr. van der bildt & mr. van putten from tilburg/netherlands are not quite like your average early twens. constantly fueled by their unlimited love of music, the boys now have made their latest tune “whispers” available as a free download for all the world to be amazed by.

“whatever herbs these guys are on, please give them more” someone wise said upon listening to their mesmerizing “output EP” from the other month.

here’s a proof that obviously, someone did. check their soundcloud for a FREE DL slice (WAV format even) of some of the freshest jazzy d&b vibes you can possibly imagine.

and in (the very likely) case you caught fire now, why not listen to a complete radio show with the flying dutchmen as special guests… talking about their approach as well as introducing their very own world of sound. and/or check their first strike right here: music is the word! one of the rare moments in life where you suddenly realize it won’t get much better than this.

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(new ltd. 12″ vinyl) MASSIVE ATTACK vs. BURIAL “four walls/paradise circus”

new limited 12" vinyl, hand numbered & gold glittered, incl. 2 epic tunes: MASSIVE ATTACK vs. BURIAL

…urban ambient futuristica or what. a different listening experience for real: complete 12 mins+ reconstruction of the original tracks, defo not like your regular “remixes”. strictly limited to 1000 pieces, b side contains BURIAL version of “paradise circus” – which was our fav tune off the latest MA album by far. but don’t go anywhere or do anything before you listened…

just in case, you can read all about it from the source, here.

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(free mp3) FAT FREDDY’S DROP salute BOHANNON

he's american though they say, the club's in berlin and the freddies from NZ of course. small world 🙂

whoa, again it’s been a while since the last solarisms post… back from chilling & spinning tunes on the balears, this just in: our fav pirate soul outfit FAT FREDDY’S DROP pays tribute to daniel best’s berlin soulclub ‘bohannon’ that he named in honour of disco stomp musician, bandleader & producer, hamilton bohannon. brand new, funky free mp3 from their soundcloud, be quick!

and while you’re at it, check the video ‘jetlag does venice, bohannon dub’ on www.fatfreddysdrop.tv

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(new album) JUNIOR PANFAST: on a cool deal strut

7 dope tunes for barely 8 bucks: make a cool deal with mr. JUNIOR PANFAST

until here & now, little is known about UK based producer JUNIOR PANFAST. apart from the fact maybe that he landed a great, pretty spiritual track of his called “there’s nothing i’d rather do” on the excellent NIGHTMARES ON WAX presents WAX ON records vol. 3 comp… and meanwhile managed to travel around the UK in order to sell his self financed 12″ vinyl stock to them cool stores… in amounts that any proper indie label would be damn proud of (these days). respect.

and win, because the music can do all the talking for the man, and indeed it does speak volumes. mr. PANFAST’s latest longplayer offering, aptly titled “the cool deal”, holds seven amazingly organic, soulful compositions that only a man-in-the-know could come up with. you might also want to check out the guy’s exceptionally good musical taste by listening to one of his eclectic mixtapes called “the great dig in the sky”.

seen? only one of many more reasons to check out “the cool deal” album and maybe preview & purchase it before everyone else does.

the tune to rock our boat: “our time in space”… what a winner! or was it the “police-meets-owner-of-a-lonely-heart-played-by-the-meters” vibe of “whatever he does, he does”?

more where that came from below. try the funky title track “the cool deal strut” or go green with “the batter”. it’s all good – the man they call JUNIOR PANFAST came in peace and brought some timeless effortlessness (or was it the other way round). read all about it in the cool deal sleeve notes or just groove to the music. the cooler, the batter!

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(in the mix) dubcast #41 from dubdotcom

spreading the vibe like peanut butter since 1997: dub.com

dub? these folks are spreading the vibe since last millenium basically, and here is their latest collection of goodness. just in case, you can get all previous ones (and/or subscribe to the dub.com podcasts) here.

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(video rewind) MILES DAVIS – tutu

remembering one of the greatest compositions in modern music (courtesy of marcus miller), brought forward by one of the greatest innovators – original studio version (above)… and the way our fav lineup of the (late) MILES DAVIS group (incl. the amazing MARILYN MAZUR on percussion) stretching it live in stuttgart, germany, 1988 (below). goosebumps!

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(new video) d e g o – monday blues

brand new, good for you, put on your dancing shoe(s): shake off those monday blues with d e g o aka 50% of 4hero. soopastylin in terms of beat production & visual skills!

this one’s triggering a soon-come album aptly titled “a wha’ him deh pon”. haha, nice 1. wha’ him pon? whatever it is, let him have some more. most likely the man’s very own label imprint 2000black will take good care that way. really looking forward to the album!

2000black website

dego twitter

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